A few nice words from some of my lovely clients:

Video Blog Review from Steph Marshall Powers https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=340563156608844&id=186245195618724 

“I have attended Emma’s classes for several years starting as a complete beginner.  I have always found her instructions and explanations to be clear and the exercises suitable for the level I was at.  Through the classes my posture and strength has improved helping me in normal life as well as when cycling, swimming, and riding.”   Ann Brooks

“Emma is fantastic. I was already a regular attendee of her classes and she moved quickly to set up online and organise an entirely new approach using easily available technology. Her online classes are small enough to allow her to keep an eye on us and our technique and well-planned to offer variety and challenge. It’s great to see familiar faces appearing even if we have to be apart and I really like the unlimited pass offer as having a daily class has been essential for my physical and mental well-being. Can not recommend highly enough!” Margaret Keane

“With a genuine care for each client’s wellbeing, Emma continues to guide me through a Pilates learning journey, teaching me both contemporary & classical Pilates. Emma has taught me weekly for a number of years now and I look forward to every class. Each class is diverse, and Emma is always keen to help aching, stiff bodies become aligned & more flexible! Emma’s new venture is both brave and intrepid, from the outset of the COVID 19 pandemic, Emma has sought a method of delivering her classes to help the nation within the confinement of our homes. Emma delivers a number of virtual classes daily, am and pm. I am very thankful to Emma as we’re all currently housebound and exercise is rather limited! I highly recommend EW Pilates for beginners to advanced levels” Louise Dawson

“Emma’s online Pilates classes are becoming an essential part of each day. Every session offers different exercises, with Emma offering personal advice and suggestions because she can see and hear you. There are floor exercises, standing and balance routines and mindfulness and breathing. Emma has a wide knowledge and instructs using the correct terminology which is interesting and you find yourself understanding more about Pilates every week. Emma encourages use of small equipment that makes for varied exercises and fun such as bands, weights, balls and rollers. I would certainly recommend Emma’s classes.”  Amanda Shaw

“After only a couple of weeks attending Emma’s pilates class, I noticed that my posture had improved dramatically.  I suddenly felt 2 inches taller!  Since attending the ‘Pilates for Golf’ class, it soon became apparent how the exercises helped with the rotation and stability of the golf swing.  The result for me has been more consistent ball striking and also hitting the ball further, which has led to a 2 shot cut in my handicap to 6.  Let’s hope the improvement continues!”  Simon Clarke

“I am new to Emma’s Pilates classes and have been very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and patience. The classes having to be done online at the moment because of the ‘Covid’ situation. This makes it much more tricky for Emma to keep an eye on what we are each doing. Despite this,  she is able to guide us really well and keep up the same exacting standards that would be there if she was in the same room as us! The classes are varied and challenging no matter what level you are at. No chance to get bored, every lesson is different! Emma is a lovely, cheerful and positive person so that really helps too. Thank you so much 😊” Susan Hearne